Forex Finance supports Finance Departments not only in their projects but also in analyzing the processes, the tools and the organization of their Treasury function.

Forex Finance is able to cover either diagnostic needs or entire projects, from business needs analysis and design phase to the operational implementation of a solution.

In the core of Forex Finance’s approach are the following principles:

  • Operational involvement designed to fit to each project

Either in transformation projects or in flash audits, by focusing on operational expertise, Forex Finance can provide its customers with the highest level of service expected. Whatever the services, the implementation issues are always taken into account to define with the client, a truly effective and operational solution.

  • „A careful listening to users to ease change

Throughout the project, Forex Finance is working closely with the customer’s teams to ensure adhesion of all stakeholders to the project and to ease the change management.

  • A pragmatic steering to guarantee fast results

Forex Finance brings not only expertise but also – by actively taking part in the steering of the project and involving its experts in implementing recommendations – contributes to accelerate the project.